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Foshan Huayu Color Printing Co., Ltd. is located in luocun Lianhe industrial area, Nanhai District, Foshan, China,which is near the center of Guangzhou and Baiyun Airport. With more than 10000 square meters of modern chemical plants and more than 300 employees.


We have the new CTP computer direct plate making system,the new Haidelberg CX102 printer, the Martini PUR full automatic production line, die-cutting machine, bronzing machine and other equipment.


Huayu has a complete management system, including personnel, quality control, safety production,color management system and so on.Through continuous improvement, innovation and learning.Huayu has gradually become a leader of the printing enterprises in Southern China.

Excellent Quality


In 2010,our company was rated as Heidelberg factory in FOSHAN ,Heidelberg Germany

Huayu color printing in the development process,and constantly improve their management level,technical level,and actively to the developed countries of the printing business ,is now with the German Heidelberg and Switzerland Ma Tianni close cooperation.Through cooperation with world-class technology companies,Huayu will be able to create first-class products in a short period of time.

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